Misty garden

I will not crumble beneath this. Strength, Everlasting One.  Strength.  Resolve.  Peace of mind.  You say you’re growing in me “long suffering”.  Perhaps you’ve been growing that seed in me even longer than I thought. Since I was a child.  Preparing me.  Equipping me.  Reinforcing me like a solemn temple.  A stronghold.  A place of refuge.  A mighty tower.  A guarded wall with garnished gate.

And now you are bringing me forward.  Not into the rich and fruitful land I’d hoped for, but deeper into desert, further into exile.  But I will remember.  I will not forget.  Your word, your promises, the works of your mighty outstretched arm are imprinted on my heart.  Bound between my eyes and on my arms, etched into my doorframe where your blood once left its stain.  I will remember.  I will not forget.

You will be who you will be, oh Everlasting One.  I will cling to you as the dew clings to the leaf of the vine on a misty garden morning.  I exist within the LIVING the presence of the One who made me.  The One who called me out.  Who beckons me home.

I will not slip from your grasp, oh Eternal Vine.  You give me life.  You are the inextinguishable Light on this dusty path I tread.  You are mine and I am yours.  I will remember.  I will cleave to you; never let go.  I will not forget.