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I was listening to a Tim Keller talk this morning, and one of his listeners asked a pressing question. It’s a question I think has probably crossed the mind of every person, non-believer, seeker and believer alike, in his or her examination of why God (if he is loving and does indeed exist) allows evil and suffering to persist. “Why didn’t he just come down and stop the Holocaust?” the listener asked. If God does exist, and is both intensely loving and overwhelmingly potent, then, in the daily disastrous events that take place all over the globe, “why doesn’t he intervene?”Image

When I picked up my bible today and began to read the book of Daniel, a compelling thought emerged from the shadows and took its place in the forefront of my mind. Who’s to say that he DOESN’T? Who’s to say that he HASN’T?

Can it even be stated with certainty that, in our current age of chaos and disarray, the Almighty does not intervene – has not kept potentially catastrotphic events from small to large scale from actually occurring? And in stating that he hasn’t, isn’t that a prime example of quite an exclusive claim – that you have access to some sort fuller knowledge of the way the universe works than other people do?

We human beings simply do not have the bird’s-eye view necessary to look at and examine history, time and events and assess them with knowledge of such a level. What we DO have, however, are recounts in the bible of historical events and occurrences – potentially disastrous events in which God DID intervene. Two examples of this divine intervention are retold in the book of Daniel.

This should be our proof – as believers – that not only is our Master capable and sovereign enough to intervene, but he DOES intervene. He DOES have a hand in the events of our lives, even if we may not have visible proof, and only faith-based proof in retrospect.

We will only ever know and understand the particulars of these divine interventions, however, billions of years from now in a place of eternal existence with him, when we will have full and unlimited access to the knowledge and understanding of the I AM.

The Almighty and Sovreign LORD is also our Maker and King, Lover of Souls; Mender of Broken Hearts. He cares deeply for those he has created – those whom he has beckoned back to himself – whom he calls “Beloved.”

Love in Christ.